Droids on film: The Clone Wars unleashes their ‘Secret Weapon’

The Clone Wars starts a new storyline – perhaps even a standalone episode? – with the droid-centric ‘Secret Weapons’ tomorrow morning. Head below the cut for a pair of preview clips.

5 Replies to “Droids on film: The Clone Wars unleashes their ‘Secret Weapon’”

  1. This is the first episode in a four-part arc written by Brent Friedman, featuring R2-D2’s “biggest contribution to the war effort” and introducing a certain fan-favorite type of clone trooper.

  2. Pretty much, yeah. They’ve become extremely rare. After this, we have the three-part Clovis arc, the last three episodes in the four-part Maul arc, and then the three-part season finale which has been shrouded in secrecy.

  3. Less ‘shrouded in secrecy’ and more, deduced from what we’ve seen from the trailers having to do with a public ‘boycott’ of sorts of the Jedi and Ahsoka on the run/fighting Assajj Ventress

  4. That’s very true. We do know it involves those two characters, as well as an attack on the Jedi Temple, but Lucasfilm has been very careful to keep most of the arc out of the trailers except for a scene or two.

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