Don’t hold your breath for any Episode VII news out of D23

Okay then. But we’ve all learned over the past few months to manage our expectations, right? Right.

In any case, I’m keeping my eye on folks at D23 and learning far, far more than I really want or need to know about other Disney stuff. Fear not, if there is Star Wars news, we’ll post it. If not, we’ll deal. We always do.

10 Replies to “Don’t hold your breath for any Episode VII news out of D23”

  1. I am greatly encouraged by the “we’re not ready to share too many details just yet” line though. That means there actually *are* details, we just don’t know them yet.

  2. Well, if you look back to Episode II, Hayden Christensen was confirmed to be Anakin in mid-May, and shooting started on June 26th. Christopher Lee was only announced in July, as were many of the other actors (including Bonnie Piesse, Joel Edgerton, etc.).
    With that in mind, it could be that we’ll not here anything until November or even December. Or they’ll keep it a secret even longer and surprise us in 2015.

  3. Well, that panel was worth our time. “Dark forces are watching, so I can’t tell you anything.”
    Come on, people, just put one piece of completely indiscernible concept art on We promise that we’ll write blog articles, comments and whole fanfiction novels about it for months…

  4. Yup. unless they pull off some surprise at the end…

    I won’t do a new post until the panel is over, just in case. But oh well.

  5. I must say, though, D23 is pretty out of this world. So far they have brought in Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Chris Evans, and they’re not even done, yet. Next year’s D23 could be amazing for us. :-)

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