Does Stephenie Meyer have to cut a bitch?

THIS IS NOT OKAY. (And the photoshoping is bad, too.)Twilight fans, I’m sorry, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that there is a deep vein of crazy running through your fandom. Hot on the heels of LadySybilla and her unending spiral of batshit, you now have a second person trying to sell their Twilight fan fiction – and this one is on Amazon.

Seriously guys, when your creator has a history of pitching fits in the style of a 16-year-old BNF who’s not getting enough reviews? It’s probably not wise to gleefully infringe on her copyright. One can be written off as just a random nutter, but two? That’s stupid crazy. Meyer has money, she has lawyers, and I don’t doubt that they will cut you – and maybe everyone else who’s doing their Twilight fan fiction without asking money for it as well.

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  1. I guess people are just getting confused, thinking they can write and publish fanfiction, because after all, Twilight was.

  2. They’re not fanfic, though I’ve heard it often said that her writing is like fanfic… But that’s probably just another way of calling them amateur.

    Gotta say I really feel for Meyer, though: These two make Lori Jareo look like Mother Teresa.

  3. “…though I’ve heard it often said that her writing is like fanfic…”

    That’s sorta what I was getting at with my comment. ;)

  4. I’ve got to say that I’m pretty well surprised that this has happened again. There’s always the natural impulse to publish your work, especially if you’ve already received praise in a fandom so close-knit that it borders on masturbatory, but to actually attempt to capitalize on your fandom seems especially perverse.

    That said, I do sympathize with Meyer for having to deal with this, even if she has a tendency to react like a big old baby. As a hack writer myself, one of the lesser perks of my chosen route in life is that I may someday have to deal with crap like this. The thought cools my blood by a few metaphorical degrees.

  5. Do you think this naivete is because Twilight is because it’s a romance fandom? I feel like these fans are a new level of crazy from sci-fi fans. I mean, we’re nuts, but these people (I’m looking at your Twi-Moms) are just SCARY.

  6. Orangerful: I think it’s just a matter of it being the new big popular thing, with a lot of people coming in ignorant of fannish culture. You saw similar things with Potter, though not on this level. (I’m fairly certain print-on-demand is way easier now than in 2001, for instance.)

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