Do your hair with Twilight tools. No, seriously.

Coming to a Meijer near you… Twilight branded hair-styling tools. Includes an ‘Edward 1/2-Inch Hair Straightener.’ (Seriously!) Your move, Lucasfilm… Your move. (via)

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  1. Actually I don’t think that hairdryer is meant to be used for drying your hair but for killing yourself in your bathtub to become a “creature of the night”. It may not work for vampires but maybe you can become a Moaning Myrtle type ghost thingy.

  2. It’s actually kinda surprising that LFL hasn’t jumped into the hair care market. (Aside from kiddie shampoos.) It’d be a natural fit for SW fans!

  3. I suspect LFL is still burned by the failure of the Episode I dolls. They should have taken off more with girls than they did.

    There were other issues with those dolls, of course. But I could see it making them skittish.

  4. I love my Episode I dolls. The problem was there were too many expensive ones out at one time. I ended up getting most of the $60 dolls for $12, because they weren’t selling…and at $60 not a big surprise. I’m still missing my favorite outfit, but you could only buy her bundled with Qui-Gon and I never saw it on the store shelves.

    Ep I was over merchandised in general. Some of it was cool, it was just TOO much of everything.

    Still hoping Her Universe will expand into some clothing inspired by the better SW costumes. I’m up to my neck in T-shirts already.

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