Disney’s streaming service is (not) called “Disney Play”

In Variety’s cover story on Hollywood, Netflix and the other direct-to-consumer platforms being developed, Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals that the company’s streaming service will be called “Disney Play.” THR has since gone back and changed the quote to be “a Disney play” – so it’s likely not the service’s name after all. Back to Disneyflix!

Iger says the service is the company’s “biggest priority” for 2019, and the article explores the costs, stakes and other business concerns for not just Disney, but all the other companies in the game.

One estimate says Disney would need 40 million subscribers to break even if they went with a price of $6 a month. (No pricing has been officially announced yet, but Iger has previously said that the Disney service will be cheaper than Netflix, which runs $8-14.)

The Disney service, expected to launch in 2019, will be home to a new chunk of The Clone Wars and at least one brand-new live-action Star Wars show from Jon Favreau. Older episodes of TCW (currently on Netflix) are probably a good bet, and I have no doubt that Rebels (which has never streamed outside the Disney ecosystem) and the upcoming Resistance will be found there as well. One thing the new service won’t have is the older Star Wars films – and it might only get new ones like Episode IX for a limited time (ala Rogue One and The Last Jedi on Netflix), as there’s a broadcast deal with Turner that runs through 2024.

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  1. Hi! Just leaving a note here to say that the Variety story has since been updated and it turns out that Disney Play is not the name of the service after all. Iger called it “a Disney play” and they must have misinterpreted it.

    “CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly cited Disney Play as a working name for Disney’s streaming service.”

    1. Ha, thanks for the heads-up, I never would have gone back and looked.

      A bit relieved – “Disney Play” sounded more like a gaming service than a TV one.

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