Disney’s Alan Horn: Episode VII mostly cast, they’re “shooting some of it now.”

We have a lot of them, we’re just not completely done yet,” Disney’s Alan Horn said about the cast at a live interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Stephen Galloway at Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television in Los Angeles.

Horn acknowledged there had been some problems getting the script right. “It’s all about the screenplay,” he said. “It has to be screenplay, screenplay, screenplay.” Asked if the screenplay was fully where it needed to be, he added: “It actually is now.” The script has been co-written by Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams, following an early draft by Michael Arndt.

What’s being shot now could be, as many have speculated based on the various rumors, second unit work for use by ILM.

Horn also says that in-universe, the film will take place 35 years after Return of the Jedi. StarWars.com said in March that the film takes place “about 30 years after,” (emphasis mine.)

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  1. Quick question to all the native speakers: How exactly do you interpret his comment on a “first draft”? It sounds to me as if he’s saying, “Well, there was a first draft, but then they basically started from scratch” as opposed to “oh yes, Larry and J. J. used it and revised it”. How are you guys interpreting this? :-)

    1. I don’t know that we have enough information to interpret it yet.

      We’ll find out in 30 years, when the honest behind-the-scenes book comes out. :P

  2. I’m glad there was so much back and forth over the script. Hopefully this means we’ll have a great one.

    Either way, new film! Yay!

    1. Well, it’s usually the really terrible and the really great films that undergo such radical changes. I just hope that Episode VII won’t turn out to be the next Indy 4 where you could still see some of the great moments they came up with at some point and then see them ruined (or mediocre-d) later on. And I’m not talking about the fridge (I liked that scene a lot), but rather about the wishy-washy plot that came later.
      Well, in J. J. I trust (for a lack of a real alternative ;-))…

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