Disney: Rebels premiere movie pulls 6.5M viewers worldwide

rebels-ezra700Star Wars Rebels debuted to 6.5 million viewers worldwide, a Disney press release says today. The Friday debut on the Disney Channel has 2.7M viewers and did 52% higher than average in the “target demographic.” (Boys 6-11, because of course.) ‘Spark of Rebellion’ airs tonight on the show’s permanent home, Disney XD.

Meanwhile, the first official episode, ‘Droids in Distress,’ is free on iTunes right now. And StarWars.com has posted the second part of their interview with executive producer Simon Kinberg.

And, per New York Times reporter Brooks Barnes, it looks like ‘Spark of Rebellion’ will air on ABC on Sunday, October 26 with an additional Darth Vader scene.

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  1. The TV landscape is very different than six years ago, but for comparison’s sake, The Clone Wars’ 2008 Cartoon Network premiere pulled 3.99 mil viewers in the US alone. The Season 5 series “finale” pulled 2.18 mill viewers.

    Also found this really interesting:

    “A fun little scooplet: Lucasfilm’s #StarWarsRebels will re-air on ABC in primetime on Sunday Oct. 26 w/ new Darth Vader scene cc: @starwars

    Will James Earl Jones voice? “By order of the Empire, I decline to comment,” a Disney spokeswoman says. #starwarsrebels @starwars”

    https://twitter.com/brooksbarnesNYT/status/519261192603570176 and https://twitter.com/brooksbarnesNYT/status/519261415199494144

    The long lost “Darth Vader interstitials” surfacing at last?

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