Disney+ goes live with The Mandalorian

Disney+ has officially launched, and though some early birds did manage log in and watch shows such as The Mandalorian, the service is experiencing connection errors this morning as more and more people try to access it. Will these be ironed out in time for the after-work and school crowds? Stay tuned…

In the meantime, here’s a new clip:

Breznican at Vanity Fair has the show’s Easter eggs, including some big spoilers. Some first episode recaps from io9, EW (which also has a review), Nerdist and spoiler-free observations from TheForce.net. Also spoiler-free is Variety’s Werner Herzog interview. And I don’t know where this falls re: spoilers, but Ludwig Goransson’s score for the first episode is up on Spotify.

On the everything-old-is-new-again beat, thanks to the Fox aquistion, it seems that the 20th Century Fox fanfare is back on the first two trilogies, a minor but deeply nostalgic tweak:


More on the versions of the classics from /Film.