Disney asking passholders about Star Wars land

Jedi Training at DisneylandSlashfilm reports that Disneyland is surveying annual passholders about their potential interest with a Star Wars land at the Anaheim theme park.

Also included in the survey are questions about passholders familiarity with Star Wars as a set of movies, books and games, which trilogy is their favorite, whether they own Star Wars housewares and tattoos, and even quizzing them if they can correctly identify midichlorians, and perhaps most intriguing: which characters they would not want to see.

Does this mean that while the Orlando theme parks will continue their lead in having Star Wars Weekends, the original Disney theme park in California might be the first to get an actual Star Wars land?

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  1. There isn’t much real estate left to be adding lands to the Anaheim park. One wonders if Tomorrowland would just become ALongTimeAgoAndFarFarAwayland…

  2. Yeah, I just don’t see how Disney can come up with the real estate for an addition like that in Anaheim. Orlando, absolutely.

  3. Could work, but even then they’d have to level and redesign a bunch of California Adventure to make it work. Over in Orlando they could just select a plot of land and go to town.

  4. That’s a very flawed project design. Embarrassingly bad, really. They’re using Midi-chlorians as their control. If you hate the prequels and only saw them once, you might not remember what those are. Generally speaking, a question like that is designed to keep you in the data collection pool as someone knowledgeable or not.

    The prioritization of answers is flawed in that it makes the user want to pick one or the other. It doesn’t collect your age, which is important, because that pretty much has a huge affect upon the answer choices as well.

    If I get the survey this week, I will alter my knowledge of Star Wars expertise to see if it changes the control question or not.

  5. “They’re using Midi-chlorians as their control. If you hate the prequels and only saw them once, you might not remember what those are.”

    Speaking as someone who’s used the internet, I don’t think anyone who hated the prequels has forgotten Midi-chlorians.

    Of course, very few of them actually understand what they are, but that’s another matter entirely…

  6. Never been to the Anaheim park but I think every thought they’d add something in Orlando since the day Star Wars was purchased. I’d like to see a little more, sooner than later at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They have a good thing going with the remodeled Star Tours ride. And there is a lot around it that could probably be redone for a star wars land. And come on… They need Vader, and Chewy, and whom ever else walking around for photos just like the rest of the Disney crew.

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