Design failures of the galaxy far far away

No wonder the dude stayed single for 15 years....

John Scalzi takes a look at the tip of the iceberg with the design failures of Star Wars, both technical and biological.

ETA: Slashdot is in super-fanboy mode over this, and Scalzi taunts them… It’s beautiful. Knot those panties harder, boys.

6 Replies to “Design failures of the galaxy far far away”

  1. I… saw that shot of the Sarlaac and thought, surely there’s another reason this is a bad design, though the one they gave was reasonable.

  2. That was truly hilarious. It’s totally true, I always wondered about the Sarlacc and the Worm thinger. How did that get past the storyboard?

  3. It’s only funny because it’s TRUE!

    This does not diminish my love for all things Star Wars. (Well, maybe not the Death Troopers. Ick.) But it’s SO true.

  4. JediShampoo, if you’re referring to the shot above, I think I know where you’re going. I don’t think I ever noticed before.

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