Denning’s Crucible gets a cover makeover

Same Cliff Nielsen art, new layout. What do you think?

The book is due out July 2 in hardcover and eBook.

17 Replies to “Denning’s Crucible gets a cover makeover”

  1. I like the original better, especially if this is supposed to be a “last hurrah” adventure for the Big Three.

  2. Count as one in favour of the original as well. It gave more of a sense of action.

  3. Count me as not a huge fan of either- I like the original, the new just seems washed out. Art for Luke and Leia is okay, but Han looks horrible and barely recognizable. Uh no thanks.

  4. If it’s released in Japan, that cover will be better than either of these two anyway. Though, of these two, I prefer action shots (it’s of the sort, in a way) over headshots. The new cover is kind of bland in comparison to the original.

  5. If it’s released in Japan, we won’t heard about it for years. I think the last time we a saw a Japanese cover was Dark Nest.

  6. The popularity of the franchise dwindled in the years after ROTS’s release. Legacy of the Force wasn’t even released there, which is why we have no covers for it. I’d bet that that’s the case with a lot of other recent series, too. There is a (nominally) active Japanese Wookieepedia, and I bet they’d post scans if they were ever actually exported there, like they did for the Millennium Falcon manual from a while back:

  7. Between the two I prefer the original. It seems more dynamic to me, more interesting. The new one is just a trio of heads.

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