Delusional grad student blames George Lucas

I realize I just did a media roundup, but this one is a doozy: A University of Utah grad student was escorted out of a campus building after arguing with her advisor and “claiming that George Lucas had control of her thoughts and ideas.”

I think I argued with someone like that on a message board once.

3 Replies to “Delusional grad student blames George Lucas”

  1. She’s a film student. This explains much!

    Seriously, though. Not impressed with how they handled her. She’s delusioned and they just escorted her off campus? Should they not have admitted her for observation?

  2. I guess it depends on the state, but if she physically threatens anyone or herself, I think they can do it without her consent.

    I’m not sure about those who seem to have lost touch with reality. I guess any sci-fi con could be susceptible, if that were the case.

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