Del Rey: Movie novelizations part of the core canon (mostly)

Today on Twitter, Del Rey says the movie novelizations are part of the core canon. So thus I guess Owen Lars is Obi-Wan’s brother, Luke had a dog as a kid, and ducks exist in the GFFA. (I am partial to the ducks, because ducks.) Some doubters are waiting on word from the story group, so we’ll see. In the meantime, what other contradictions do you remember?

UPDATE: “To clarify, movie novelizations are canon where they align with what is seen on screen in the 6 films and the Clone Wars animated movie.” Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. Reposting from Twitter: Padme lived for a bit, Leia got hid in a trunk (which was only ever referenced again in TTT, now “non-canon”).

  2. According to Stover’s RotS book, General Grievous is physically incapable of laughing, which he does a bunch of times in The Clone Wars, and maybe even in the film itself. (I can’t remember for sure)

  3. It’s been AGES since I read the ANH novelization but I think there’s a Blue Squadron that goes up against the Death Star.

  4. I think the messaging got mixed up here. Once somebody at LFL realizes how many contradictions there are, I’d be surprised if the books remain canon.

  5. Ducks are mentioned in a little movie called The Phantom Menace. On screen!

  6. So, the novelizations are canon, unless contradicted by the movies. I thought they were doing away with a canon hierarchy? 8)

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