Deathtroopers are coming…

Joe Schreiber’s Star Wars horror novel now has a title and a time period… Deathtroopers, set just before A New Hope. It’s due out in November. (Thanks, Zee Zee!) Here’s what Schreiber had to say on his blog:

I had the time of my life on this one, I have to say. I’m doing the final edits now, and I’ve tried to make it into exactly the kind of book you’d want to read if you were a child of the 70s who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy and really digs horror in the vein of The Shining and Alien, with a little dose of William Gibson mixed in.

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  1. There is a fine line between coming up with something totally new for a Star Wars novel and having to use something from the movies/EU. If this is the latter, then I can see the Emperor using the old Sith zombie-warrior creation technique to make an army of undead stormtroopers. Using a quote from the prequels as a backstory, the Emperor and Vader team up to try and unravel the mystery of eternal life, but end up with the undead?

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