Dear god, why???

A piece of the Opening Ceremonies Birthday cake on eBay. If anyone is stupid enough to bid on this, I might bemoan all the cake that got thrown out… (Thanks to Liz!)

3 Replies to “Dear god, why???”

  1. I think we should purchase it just so we can have the pleasure of blowing it up!

  2. Noooo we should buy it JUST to seal it up and add to the traveling collection.

    Put it in lucite or something. Because that night will live on forever and while not an official CJ function, it is part of our lore.

  3. The week after CIV I did eBay searches for pieces of cake. As soon as I read about the cake, I just *KNEW* somebody would be like, “OMGCOLLECTORZITEM! Must sell on eBay!!” I’m just surprised it’s taken this long… *headdesk*

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