Dave Filoni’s TIEs: What is he trying to tell us?

Dave Filoni's TIEs

Other than that he’s simply drawing TIE fighters, that is?

It’s hard to believe that I have worked at Lucasfilm almost eight years, and this is the first time I have ever gotten to draw a TIE fighter.

Just doodling, or a hint at this nebulous new show?

EDIT: Filoni also released a different sketch of a TIE on Twitter:


Note that this TIE (though incomplete) has its wing struts at a slightly different angle (which, if using the regular hexagonal wing shape, would have the wing panels touch the ground at a point rather than a bottom edge). Did he realize his goof on the original TIE design and stop with the sketch… or is this a new TIE design?

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  1. I hope this means that we will be getting The Dark Times as a TV show, with more Ahsoka Tano (who is my favorite Star Wars character by far). Her reaction to Anakin’s fall will be really cool to see.

    And hopefully, it could show how Ahsoka ends up where she is when Luke finds her and asks her to join the New Jedi Order :D

  2. Is it me or do those TIEs have faces? They look adorable.

    I’m also pulling for seeing more Ahsoka because she’s awesome, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

  3. More Ahsoka in the Dark Times? Okay.

    Ahsoka joining Luke’s Jedi Order after Vader and the Emperor have been defeated? No no no no no.

  4. with so much focus on the large crane holding up the TIE, could this all be a ruse? like this is actually a mobile over a crib?

  5. Perhaps another question, besides why is he drawing a TIE, is why LFL is letting him release them online? That means they’re probably nothing, right?

  6. It’s not just you, Annalee. At first glance my brain went “it’s a cute cartoon bat caught in a spider web”.

    I’m working on keeping my mind free of film expectations…

  7. The releasing of this Tie Fighter really tells us nothing, when you get down to it. That’s why it is from the new series but inconsequentially released.

    All it really confirms is that the new series is set after the creation of Tie Fighters. That means it isn’t set in the Old Republic era (thank god), and it surely isn’t set during The Clone Wars. So the new series is set after The Clone Wars at the earliest.

    That leaves The Dark Times, and it leaves open a post-Episode VI era. Lucasfilm’s statement said it was an “unexplored” era of the Star Wars Universe.

    The crane is confusing. When I first saw it, I assumed the ties were moved by crane within the hanger. But in A New Hope, it appears the Tie Fighter sits on the ground or is on tracts from the ceiling (and in truth might not really tell us anything anyways).

    The crane could be something from a salvage yard and this could be set in the Episode VII era.

    I would think Tie Fighters would be kind of antiquated 40 years after Episode VI though. Still, for twenty years they probably produced trillions of them, so it can’t be ruled out.

    My best guesses are Dark Times or a post-Episode VI series, unless this concept is for a junkyard.

  8. I tried to tweet this to Dunc and did a bad job, so maybe I’ll do better here with more space. :)

    Leland Chee tweeted this two days ago: “Have you ever looked at the favorites on another person’s Twitter profile?”

    So I looked at his favorites:

    After a couple of tweets from Pablo and Filoni about the animation department planning to receive a visit from Matt Martin of starwars.com this week, Chee tweeted: “I meant May the 4th Be WITH You, not Be BITH You. #interestingacronym”

    BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin, as you all know.

    Then he tweete this: “I have the first line of the opening crawl for The Empire Strikes Back stuck in my head.”

    Which has the words Dark Time in it, aka Dark Times, the era between ANH and RoTS

    Then he favorited Filoni’s TIE Fighter tweet and tweeted a tweet about favoriting that tweet.

    SO I think that Leland Chee, by calling attention to favorited tweets and then exclusively favoriting this handful of tweets, was dropping some clues, which I think point to the new animated show being set between eps 3 and 4. I think it will be announced soon as well, or why would he be teasing it?

    Or I could be completely wrong, and all of my bothan spies have died for nothing.

  9. Ahh, that makes more sense now. (Though I think you could be reaching on the WITH/BITH thing.) At the time I was just “What? Seriously?”

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