Dave Filoni teases The Clone Wars S5 to USA Today

USA Today interviews Dave Filoni about the upcoming season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and he describes that season five is going to be bringing a lot of the war’s consequences. My favorite line:

“Black market, drug trafficking, these are all areas that Maul or someone like him can flourish,” Filoni says.

Darth Maul – half man, all drug lord. Yup. You heard it straight from Dave Filoni… from a certain point of view. And for those wanting to see more cameos from the original trilogy, there’s not a chance that Han Solo will appear (unless George comes up with the idea) but the article does mention the return of Tarkin and an appearance of blue Snaggletooth. More seriously, Filoni points out that we are going to see more of the impact of how the Jedi’s role in the war is being perceived. I’m pretty sure that if the Jedi were asked about their media strategy in the war, the Holonet News sound bite would go like this:

“We’re keepers of the peace, not spin doctors.” said Mace Windu, summing up the Jedi Order’s main media strategy as “one giant Jedi mind trick”. The briefing ended abruptly when General Kenobi appeared, waving his hands, saying “This isn’t the interview you’re looking for.”

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  1. Honestly, the underworld episodes kinda bored me. But if they’re going to now wrap it in to the overall storyline, that should improve it for me.

    I also liked this quote:

    “There’s been a lot of strife in the galaxy, and one of the things they have to come to terms with, a couple of times, is how responsible are they for all of this? Or how responsible does the community, the people of the Republic, think they are for what’s happened to the galaxy.”


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