Dark Horse Update: Legacy #3

Galactic Hunter has our first look at Legacy #3, most noteably the cover. Fan speculation (and a few hints from Randy Stradley) has pegged the cover subjects as Imperial royalty. Get your fanspec at TFN now, before it all turns sour.

Also in August, a new collection of Dark Empire II that includes the anticlimatic finale of the series, Empire’s End, and a second X-Wing Omnibus.

ETA: August 2006 comics @ starwars.com.

2 Replies to “Dark Horse Update: Legacy #3”

  1. …Am I a total nerd for noticing that the Twi’lek is wearing the white dress designed for Padme in RotS but worn by Bail Organa’s bodyguard?

  2. No, I noticed that when the character showed up in the Legacy article in the Insider.

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