‘Crisis on Naboo’ wraps up the undercover Obi-Wan arc tonight on The Clone Wars

Tonight’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is ‘Crisis on Naboo’, finishing the four part story arc involving Obi-Wan Kenobi’s infiltration of the criminal underworld. The Jedi posing as a bounty hunter Rako Hardeen will be teaming up with Cad Bane and the rest of the Box-surviving team to kidnap the Chancellor during a summit on Naboo. Watch the show and talk with the man behind Obi-Wan, James Arnold Taylor, who will be hosting a live chat (8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific) during the broadcast on Entertainment Weekly‘s website Also, Catherine Taber talks about working with Matt Lanter and the late Ian Abercrombie.

And for a neck-snappingly refreshing good time, check out this second clip of the bounty hunter team in action:

3 Replies to “‘Crisis on Naboo’ wraps up the undercover Obi-Wan arc tonight on The Clone Wars

  1. Am I the only one who is sick of Palpatine playing these stupid, random games? I mean, come on! The elaborate setup here was utterly pointless. There was no reason whatsoever to assemble the bounty hunters, build the huge expensive box etc. etc. I wish the series would just stay away from this kind of thing. The kidnapping scene in ROTS was hard enough to believe. Palpatine is either completely insane or the dumbest villain of all time, and that goes double for Dooku. What a complete moron that old geezer is! I think the real issue here is lazy writers who don’t give a crap. Plot seems to trump logic and character on this show. I guess it makes sense. Since when did kid’s shows ever make a lick of sense? :P

  2. Also, I’m sorry, but Obi Wan wouldn’t let all those guards get mercilessly slaughtered, no matter how “deep” his cover was supposed to be. Worst. Clone Wars. Plot. Ever.

  3. Sean: I agree about this episode not making sense for the grander scheme of things – if Dooku succeeds in kidnapping the Supreme Chancellor, then what happens? will the Republic surrender to get their leader back? or pay a ransom? how does this action either further the cause of the Separatists or the secret plot of the Sith to rule the galaxy and eliminate the Jedi? all they needed was one line of how this fits into a larger scheme.

    Unless perhaps war in the SW universe is like chess, where all you have to do is take the king, and declare the game over (see ROTJ).

    As for Obi-Wan not breaking his cover to defend the lives of the prison guards or the Naboo warehouse crew – i’m kinda torn. I think Obi-Wan has crossed a line in the war, and both his going along with incidental deaths to keep his cover (though he’s not the one doing the killing), and him being the one who decided to keep Anakin out of the loop shows that he is slipping from Jedi to general.

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