Cracked looks at the worst of the EU, yet forgets Waru

Oh, Cracked. ‘Retarded’ is not a word we use. Still, one has to give them a bit of credit for looking the most horrific aspects of the EU (Sorry, Death Troopers) full on in the face. I suspect this list was compiled by someone who spent an hour or two on the Wook and not an actual reader, because how else could any reader forget the golden magnificence and ultimate WTFness of Waru?

5 Replies to “Cracked looks at the worst of the EU, yet forgets Waru”

  1. Why do all Star Wars articles on Cracked and io9 read like homework completed 15 minutes before deadline?

  2. Because it’s only the internet, and the internet doesn’t matter! I mean, it’s not like anyone is printing these stories. ::eye roll::

  3. Oh, I’ve spent several hundred dollars and years of therapy specifically to forget Waru. (Okay, not really, but still. Some things are best left forgotten.)

  4. Clearly the people of Cracked are smart, because they know better than to dis my main Golden Gelatinous Glob, Waru.

    Or, as we say for talk-like-a-pirate day. Warrrhhhhu!.

    anyway, don’t mess with Waru, who brings light and joy to us all.

  5. I’ve got to admit that this is a pretty weak list. Even going so far as to take a stab at the name of Wookiepedia just smacks of rushing the whole thing at the last moment.

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