Corey’s Han Solo novel is Honor Among Thieves

Han.Del Rey’s Erich Schoeneweiss announced today that the James S. A. Corey Han Solo novel – second in the Empire and Rebellion series – will be titled Honor Among Thieves and will be out next spring.

The first novel in the series will be October’s Leia-centric Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells. The third will be by Kevin Hearns and focus on Luke Skywalker.

Meanwhile, the third novel in Corey’s space opera series The Expanse, Abaddon’s Gate was released yesterday. I don’t have it yet, but I do recommend the series.

3 Replies to “Corey’s Han Solo novel is Honor Among Thieves”

  1. I am loving the Expanse series, and have been a fan of Han Solo since seeing Star Wars at the drive in in 1977, at the whopping old age of 8! This is fun news.

  2. So… are these Han/Luke/Leia books children’s novels or adult? They seem more on the kids side, am I just daft?

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