Congratulations to Dunc – Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!

Year of the fangirlSince we know that this embarrasses her beyond belief, I’m going to jump on here to say congratulations to Club Jade’s own Dunc for being selected as a Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!

My favorite part of the write-up:

What is her favorite quote or personal motto?

“In space, no one can hear you LOL.”

Club Jade knows who has made this site great, and that’s Dunc. Thanks for all you do setting the example for how women can navigate fandom with fun and class (and snark).

Don’t forget to check out the other Fangirls: Grace, a Star Wars and Doctor Who fan and blogger, who is one of the founders of the Lakehouse Forums, was the first Fangirl of the Day.

And leading into the Fangirl of the Day posts have been some introductions of the contributing team: Lillian Skye, Erin Kelahan, Victoria Schmidt, Amy Ratcliffe, and Tricia Barr.

Grace and Lillian might be familiar faces to Her Universe fans on our blog, since they were in the HU fan photoshoot at Celebration last year. Keep watching the Fangirl of the Day blog for more stories from the fandom community!

23 Replies to “Congratulations to Dunc – Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!”

  1. Sniff. Our Dunc is all grown up now. I remember meeting her in 1995 on the Who Luke Should Marry AOL boards. The snark was strong with this one, even then. It’s been a privilege knowing you for so long, Dunc.

  2. To steal a comment here: Stealing is the highest form of flattery. ;-)

    And: Congrats! :-)

  3. Congrats Dunc!!!! So honored to get to meet you at CVI, you totally deserve to be Fangirl of the Day! ;) Thank you for linking to me too, that just made my day! <3

  4. Nice! You earned it, kid.

    I’ll never get to be fan girl of the day and that’s okay. Accepting that is just something I have to work on.

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Grace: CVI is a bit of a blur, but I actually don’t think we met… I think Beth met some girls from the Lakehouse forums? There are a LOT of Jaders, though. ;)

    I am probably the least social Jader at a con, which is… Yeah. I know.

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