Confirmed: David Oyelowo is voicing Rebels’ Agent Kallus


Hero Complex has the news that David Oyelowo is the voice of Rebels’ #2 baddie – and the Agent Kallus introduction video. He has mutton chops. How very!

Oyelowo’s involvement in Rebels – and, at one point, Episode VII – has been rumored for some time.

4 Replies to “Confirmed: David Oyelowo is voicing Rebels’ Agent Kallus”

  1. Hmm. Notice how at the end of the clip, the animation model shot of Kallus is briefly shown as having blue skin? Wonder if he was originally going to be a Chiss…?

    1. Yes, I noticed that too (I even rewound and paused to double-check!).
      I also noticed he had red eyes to go with the Chiss-like blue skin…

      Having said that, I think the drawings also conceptualised the character with other different skin-tones and facial hair – so this is probably just about exploring the visual possibilities. Probably.

      Maybe they wanted to officially introduce the Chiss species elsewhere…

    1. I think he’ll be extremely good!

      He was excellent playing Danny in ‘Spooks’ about a decade ago (I think it’s renamed MI-5 in the USA) – worth checking out if you can.

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