Comic-Con Star Wars Spectacular: George Lucas answering questions?

As previously discussed and dissected for hints, this year’s Star Wars Spectacular panel at Comic-Con was going to be hosted by G4’s “Attack of the Show” crew: Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, and Blair Butler, and the panel will be broadcast live on G4 on Friday, July 24. The panel will include a live read of a new “The Clone Wars” script by the voice talent.

The announcement on came with the opportunity for fans to submit videos to G4 to be shown during the presentation, either telling fan stories, or asking questions about The Clone Wars to the show’s creators, like Dave Filoni.

Word from someone working for G4 is that George Lucas may be answering some of the fans’ questions submitted by video – via pre-recorded video of his own.

So get those questions in, submitted through the G4 site. Key things to note for submitting videos: < 90 seconds long, < 150 MB, and use a white background!