Colbert reneges on ‘promise,’ noms an Ewok

The Colbert Report took on the important issue of eating Ewoks last night. Above, the relevant segment, but you can get both chunks here and here.

2 Replies to “Colbert reneges on ‘promise,’ noms an Ewok”

  1. oh now that… That’s just F*ed up.

    My inner six-year-old will tell him not to Wok my ewoks, if it would be more compelling. Observe:

    Dear Mr. Colbert,

    I am Annalee’s inner six-year-old, and I have a mullet like that little blond girl from the Ewok adventures. Please don’t eat ewoks :(.

    My mommy says Gungans are way better for you (my mommy is a Sith Lord, so you should listen to her). I think you should eat Gungan so that you will be healthy and won’t die from being old like my grandpa did, because I would miss you if that happened, just like I miss my grandpa.

    -Annalee’s inner six-year-old (with mullet)

  2. I… was not expecting that. Colbert is usually kinda hit-or-miss for me, but this was one of his better gags. Funny stuff.

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