Report: Clone Wars screening in Atlanta (No spoilers)

I just got in from The Clone Wars screening held in lovely downtown Atlanta.  Now Commander Cody (or was it Captain Rex?) said I’m not supposed to share anything with you, so I’ll keep it general.

First off, big thanks to the Georgia 501st and Rebel Legion for providing the atmosphere.  There’s nothing quite like seeing clone troopers standing outside Atlantic Station surrounded by Christmas lights.  It was a great way to kick off the night; not to mention the rather large pile of toys donated to Toys for Tots.  (Alas, no celebrities for our screening, but the gang stepped up for us.)

As for the show itself?  Wow.  See it on the big screen in digital.  That’s a sweet way to watch this show.  Vivid colors. Tons of detail.

Now, I am not a huge fan of The Clone Wars.  I watch it.  I like some episodes better than others.  But these episodes?  These episodes were the first ones to make me go, “This ROCKS!”  I would like Katie Lucas to write more episodes.  She really captures Star Wars.  And I sense a smidge of Carrie Fisher influence in her writing.  If you haven’t been watching the series, I’d recommend these as a great way to jump in.  

My only negative would be that parents of small kids should probably screen this one before letting them watch.  It’s dark.  Not really much beyond what you’d see in Revenge of the Sith, but I wouldn’t let little ones watch that, either.  So precautions should be considered.

But for adults?  Watch it.  You’ll enjoy it.

Also, big thanks to Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network for the free popcorn and drink.  Plus, the swag of a poster and a t-shirt?  Nice.

Oh.  And Club Jade?  There are several times when some of our inside jokes make an appearance.  Luci and I managed to control ourselves, though.

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