Clone Wars roundup: S5 finale ‘The Wrong Jedi’


It’s been almost a week since the season five finale of The Clone Wars, and there’s still a lot to talk about! You’ve probably already gotten my take on what transpired in those last few episodes (or last few minutes of the last episode, ‘The Wrong Jedi’), but there’s a lot of other good news and discussion out there, and I’ve picked out some of the best here. Again, here be spoilers.

On the official blog, Ashley Eckstein shares some of her email back and forth with Dave Filoni about Ahsoka’s fate at the end of ‘The Wrong Jedi’ when she first got the news more than a year ago. Ashley also did an interview at IGN, and talks a little about Ahsoka walking away, and all the betrayal she feels. She also chats with the fine folks at Full of Sith.

Looking at the episodes from a legal perspective, the Legal Geeks bring on one of their favorite judges who discusses the episode, though they do spend some time building up the show in general for an audience isn’t as familiar with the show, before diving into issues of electronic evidence, Bariss Offee’s EU fate in Order 66, and the trial’s Perry Mason finish.


And there’s plenty of reviews that draw out some good ideas: