Clone Wars review roundup: ‘Clone Cadets’ and ‘ARC Troopers’

While we’re waiting for the survivors of Ryloth to dig themselves out, let’s take a look at what the tubes are saying about the Season 3 double-episode premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Don’t forget our reviews of ‘Clone Cadets’ and ‘ARC Troopers’.

  • Clone Wars Reviews gives 3/5 out of 5 to ‘Cadets’, highlighting Dee Bradley Baker’s voice acting, and then gives 4.5 out of 5 to ‘Troopers’, though disagrees with offing 99 so soon after introducing him.
  • TheForce.Net focuses on the camaraderie and development of the clones as individuals and as a unit for the first part, and compared the battle in the second half to Episode III, and then dove in to cover Asajj. Discussion of 99’s character fits well into both reviews.
  • Newsarama covers both episodes in one recap, but points out that ‘Cadets’ lack of intense action helps to really set the stage for the stronger finish of ‘ARC Troopers.’ more or less agrees, saying, ” ‘ARC Troopers’ was nothing short of amazing and rewarded fans for patiently waiting through the ‘Clone Cadets.’
  • Den of Geek calls ‘Clone Cadets’ a brave but low-key opening, and loves the visually stunning scenes of ‘ARC Troopers’ but points out that story takes a back seat to the action.
  • BigShinyRobot calls ‘Cadets’ fun but not very substantive, and points out that really, Asajj Ventress owns the ‘ARC Troopers’ episode, and ends with “you need to be watching this in HD on the biggest TV possible”.
  • Dauntless Media gives ‘Troopers’ a B- for being visual excess, saved by the clones’ story. As for ‘Cadets’, it earns a C- in its review, feeling that while the story idea of humanizing the clones was worthy, the execution in storytelling was lacking.
  • IGN calls ‘Clone Cadets’ (giving it an 8/10) a nice departure for the series, with no real villains, and the not using the show’s main characters – and spreads some good observations on both 99 and what he means for the clone mythology, and on the role of bounty hunters on the side of the heroes. ‘ARC Troopers’ earns a 9/10 and the review starts with the statement: really cool – focusing on the battle scenes, Ventress, and the clones.
  • is glad at the lack of Ahsoka Tano, and speculates that with ‘ARC Troopers’ delivering eye-popping action combined with just enough thoughtfulness, there’s a lot of great things coming this season.

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