Clone Wars news being teased this week… But is it what we expect?

TCW-TheLostMissions-131Anyone in the mood for some vague pronouncements? Jedi News is teasing some sort of announcement for The Clone Wars this week. “Something so cool it could melt the ice off a Hoth mountain top” seems a bit strong for the expected ‘Lost Missions’ Blu-ray and DVD release (of which we’ve seen some sign lately) or even a complete series set.

I’m sure we’re going to see lots of folks hoping for some sort of series revival or surprise extra episodes – oh look, here’s one – but I don’t see that as at all likely at this point. Another book or comic series, perhaps? But don’t hold your breath, Clone Wars fans.

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  1. Big Clone Wars fan, but at this point the only thing I would get excited about is a fully-realized portrayal of the Son of Dathomir comic arc – but why would they do anything that big with Rebels right around the corner?

    Unless there’s some kind of Clone Wars/Kanan/Inquisitor tie-in?

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