Claudia Grey talks Leia: Princess of Alderaan

Over at, James talks to author Claudia Gray about Leia: Princess of Alderaan. They address the Organas, Amilyn Holdo, Easter eggs and more.

→ One thing about the book not addressed here – or much outside of Twitter – was what was apparently an accidental use of an Nazi slogan in the book. Gray apologized fairly quickly. (Most Americans who weighed in were completely unaware of it, so I believe it was indeed unintentional. Yay our educational system.) Digital versions of the book have already been updated, and presumably the corrected version will be in future printings.

→ If you haven’t read Princess of Alderaan or Phasma and just want the details relevant to the larger picture, io9 is there for you. (I do recommend you read them, though it seems ever more increasingly likely I won’t be able to do a real review of either. Sigh.)

→ The first full excerpt for From A Certain Point of View is the Boba Fett story, because of course it is. More excitingly, that last card, for Meg Cabot’s Beru story, finally showed up the other day. The book is out next Tuesday.

Canto Bight will have a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition that will feature “8 pages of full color photographs.” This one will be out in early December. (via)