CIV: The Expanded Universe

First things first: all the EU fans were scrambling for the early copies of Sacrifice, which promptly sold out before noon on Thursday morning. I was working all morning and thus missed out, but enough CJers grabbed copies that I was able to borrow one and check on a few spoilers. The second shipment came in Saturday morning, and I was finally able to grab a copy of my own. I only hope that next time the hotly anticipated book can come out a few weeks before the con, if for no other reason than…

Friday’s Legacy of the Force panel was the major EU event, at least for those of us with a focus on the books. All three series authors, both editors, and Pablo moderating. No Sacrifice spoilers allowed, which is a shame. I can understand the reasoning, but how long will it be before fans have access to that entire lineup again, with the pivotal book of the series hot on everyone’s mind? Hrrm. We did learn that the final LOTF book is titled Invincible. There were the usual allotment of questions regarding Jaina’s harem and the oh-so-hot topic of traditional Mandalorian dance. Quite a few Mando questions, actually – enough to warrant a dedicated panel next time, I’d say. (Please.) There was also some sort of recording going on during the panel, so it may be that audio will go up on the TOS in time.

Saturday was the Publishing/Continuity and Dark Horse panels. Continuity was sparsely attended, but whether that was due to it being the first panel on a day where folks were having trouble getting in or a general lack of interest I’ve no idea. The folks who did show up were quite enthusiastic, and the Wookieepedians were excited to get a look at the mighty and mysterious Holocron. And we learned that Plagueis is still a Muun, even with his book canceled. (Curses!) They also may reprint the Making of books for ESB and ROTJ, adding new photos and material.

The Dark Horse panel, later in the day, was packed, but they’re holding back any big announcements until later in the year. Something big is planned for 2008 and 2009… Let’s hope it’s not just TFU tie-ins. They did, however, talk about reviving the Tales concept as an annual… And there were a lot of Legacy questions, but nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Other EU news

And of course, the Clone Wars footage…

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  1. “. . . and the Wookieepedians were excited to get a look at the mighty and mysterious Holocron.”

    Nonsense. That’s pure poppycock. There was no excitement had by any of us whatsoever, especially not me. We were completely and wholly devoid of excitement.

    (Please forward my apologies to whomever was responsible for cleaning up the puddle of drool I left.)

  2. “I guess Wes and Hobbie’s love is just not pure enough for plastic immortality.”

    That breaks my heart, truly. Wes and Hobbie are forever.

    And yeah, the juxtaposition (I do love that word) of the Legacy panel and Sacrifice release was awkwardly timed. It felt as though almost everything asked by the audience had to be danced around by the panelists. I do wonder exactly who will be considered “Invincible” at the end of Legacy. I hope it’s not Jacen Solo, but I fear it may be.

  3. Gabri: I bet is is Jacen, and it ends up biting him in the ass. He’s got quite the ego, that boy.

    I was rather relieved it wasn’t another Biblical thing, though my minds keeps turning ‘invincible’ into ‘invisible’ and I keep remembering that creepy song from that one American Idol kid.

  4. I’ll admit that I was less grumpy about missing the Legacy panel once I heard the spoiler policy. And the Mando dance bit.

  5. Dunc: It had better wind up biting him in the ass, because I am already thoroughly sick of the little Sith wannabe.

    jawajames: I rather enjoyed that revelation too. :p

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