Chris Terrio speaks on The Rise of Skywalker and other news

Co-writer Chris Terrio is Rolling Stone‘s latest The Rise of Skywalker interview.

He talks about developing the films, how to go about writing Star Wars “for real” and more. He also talks about going beyond the movies, and not just the cartoons – Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath books get a shoutout.

Good news: One of the Knights of Ren has an actual name!

Bad news: It’s “Trudgen,” per a new Topps card. (via) So the Knights of Ren are not Sith, but maybe they take a cue from Sith naming conventions? Or, hey, maybe they’re a big swimmer.

Richard E. Grant, being a human being with some experience with fandom, says that the Rise backlash is inevitable. He’s right! Fandom is insane!

Also: Anthony Daniels with Uproxx, Daisy Ridley in Porter magazine. Keri Russell’s Chewbacca impression on Fallon, and 22 minutes with J.J. Abrams:

The official soundbite interviews have also surfaced, and here they all are in one big, hour-plus chunk.

(You can find the individuals here, or just skip straight to the b-roll.)

Porsche designed a car/starfighter hybrid. How are we five movies in and they’re the first car partnership to do this?

On the other hand that’s probably a good thing.

A German Burger King is trading Whoppers for spoilers, or so says a commercial found on Youtube. It is, per The Hollywood Reporter, a legit BK campaign, though the spoilers are sourced online and may or may not be accurate and it’s unclear if Lucasfilm/Disney are involved. The video above does not actually contain any spoilers, presumably.