Chee tweets the definitive Clone Wars episode order

TCW-maul-savage-vizslaWith The Clone Wars now more or less complete, Lucasfilm’s Leland Chee yesterday tweeted the chronological order of the series:

216 116 T 301 303 101-115 117-121 201-203 217-219 204-214 220-222 305-307 302 304 308 122 309-311 215 312-322 S4 502-513 501 514-520 601-613

(‘T’ is the debut movie.) He followed up with just the Maul arc: “314 421 422 501 514 515 516.”

UPDATE: There’s now a version of this on that won’t give anyone horrible math class flashbacks.

2 Replies to “Chee tweets the definitive Clone Wars episode order”

  1. This surprises me, since the Yoda model in the Clovis arc is not the same as the new on that shows up mid-season 5. Strange.

  2. Leland Chee tweeted about the Clovis arc (I’m at work, no twitter access, otherwise I’d link to it) in response to TFN’s Eric point about Obi-Wan making it seem like a certain lady was still alive. Chee and group decided, though initially a S5 arc, the Clovis arc would be S6 chronologically.

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