Celebrations to go without numerals from here on out

Celebration VII Verifying what many of us had already guessed, TheForce.Net says that Lucasfilm has told them that future Celebrations will no longer use the roman numeral designations, but be called by their location and/or year – so instead of Celebration VII, the 2015 convention is offically “Star Wars Celebration 2015” or “Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.”

The decision seems a little odd as, with Episode VII, the cons would still actually line up with their corresponding movies. Is it a hint that the conventions will be moving to a yearly schedule to keep up with the spin-off films as well as the Episodes?

The Celebrations began with Episode I in 1999, and were tied to movie release years during the prequels. After Revenge of the Sith and Celebration III (2005) the U.S. Celebrations kept to the triennial schedule with Celebration IV (2007) and Celebration V (2010.) With 2012’s Celebration VI, the con was moving to a biannual schedule. What the future holds for them after 2015… Well, we’ll see, I guess.

Still, Celebration VII will remain Celebration VII in our hearts… Or at least, our tags.

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  1. Change the numerals for celebrations *after* CVII – the alignment of the numbers is too good to pass up.

  2. I wish this theory was reDUNCulous so I could use that pun. But I can’t. I buy it.

    I think a Celebration for each film is appropriate. It would not surprise me if we got one five years in a row. Star Wars is probably going to be at its peak in the next five years.

    I think there comes a point where Star Wars Celebration XXII seems not as special, just from a marketing perspective.

    It also frees them up to do more than one a year, potentially, in varying regions. I will go to one on this continent, but Europe is mostly out of the question for me. So it would not be unfair in my mind to have a Celebration here and one in Europe within the same year.

  3. it’s not unfair to have two celebrations in one year, if they are in different continents, (see 2007 with C-IV and CE-I), though it is a lot of work for those putting on the shows.

    even before they announced a second celebration europe, i was already on board for the eventual celebration australia (the only way to get Mrs. jawa to go to a celebration). still waiting for a Celebration down under. or singapore.

    1. My theory is: One Celebration in the U.S., next year international.

      So, say:
      2015: Anaheim (Episode VII)
      2016: Australia (Spin-off #1)
      2017: Orlando (Episode VIII)
      2018: Europe again, or Japan? (Spinoff #2)
      and etc. etc.

      COMPLETE guesswork on my part, but it allows for a yearly Celebration and gives fans who won’t go overseas some time to save up.

  4. The numbers were off anyway because although the ones in the states had numbers, the First Europe Celebration and Celebration Japan did not really have numbers. As long as they continue to have them, I don’t really care what they call them!

  5. Maybe we’ll do the same thing with the Star Wars movies from now on too since there will be one every year. Instead of Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, IX, and the 3 stand-alone films it will be:

    Star Wars 2015
    Star Wars 2016
    Star Wars 2017
    Star Wars 2018
    Star Wars 2019
    Star Wars 2020

  6. I’ll see all you wonderful kids in Anaheim 2015.
    This will be my first SW Celebration and I’m really looking forward to it.

  7. Can we agree future celebration hash tags will be #swc2015 using the year associated? For another Europe, swce2015, etc. simply because their idea of #starwarscelebrationxxxx or change year to location… Is crazy and longer than some tweets !

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