Celebration VII is coming to Anaheim in 2015!

Just announced: Celebration VII will take place in Anaheim on April 16-19, 2015! Back to April, and back to California!

Tickets are going on sale August 7th. This August 7th. Better get ’em fast, because Anaheim’s convention center isn’t as big as Orlando and with Episode VII, this could be big!

More? Dan Brooks is liveblogging the Celebration Europe closing ceremonies.

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  1. Anaheim, huh? That’s certainly going to limit the number of people who can go. I think the biggest venue there is the Anaheim Convention Center and that’s got a 7,500 person capacity according to their site.

    If the numbers I’m looking at are right, the ACC is about seven times smaller than the Orange County Convention Center used in Orlando for Celebration V and VII.

  2. Lane: I wouldn’t discount what’s on the rest of the Disney properties, too. No way they’ll put us that close to Disneyland and not use it. I actually expect there won’t be as many events, or maybe more niche events, to ‘encourage’ folks to go over to the parks. Which could actually be good for us.

    Polar: If they were going to announce another international one for 2014, they’d have done so here… Or already. Plus these things are a lot of work, and they’ll need all that time to prep, particularly with new movies. Look how much CVI stuff was reused for CEII… The badge art, some of the store stuff…

    So no, this is for certain the next one. I’m sure there will be another international Celebration at some point, but not until after Episode VII.

  3. Why are people freaking out over the size? Anaheim CC is bigger than the LA one, and CIV comfortably held more people than CV or CVI.

  4. Anaheim’s CC holds considerably more than 7500 people. There were somewhere around 50k at this year’s WonderCon, and it was pretty comfy.

    1. They were never supposed to be yearly… And they started at three years apart, not two!

      I don’t think everyone is fully aware just how much of the OCCC went unused… Not just the whole other building, but tons of the one we were in. And yeah – L.A. was fine for IV… The con center, anyway.

      But, y’know, we’re Star Wars fans. Bitching about things we can’t change or control is how we show affection. And with Celebrations, everyone has a thousand reasons why it ought to be in their backyard instead.

  5. Well, I don´t know this Anaheim CC, so all I can do is to wait and pray for the Celebration will not be as chaotic and crowded as ComicCon.

  6. >>We’re Star Wars fans. Bitching about things we can’t change or control is how we show affection.

    Best t-shirt slogan I’ve read in a while. :-D

    1. In all fairness I might have cribbed that from someone on Twitter… If only I could remember who.

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