Celebration VI: The Bounty Hunt is back, and the Collectors get social

Clues! The Bounty Hunt is returning back to Celebration. You know the one. Hint: It’s run by Jaders.

Collectors. Star Wars Action News is sponsoring the Collector’s Social Area, which “gives Star Wars collectors the opportunity to network with other Star Wars collectors, learn more about the collecting hobby, and get autographs from authors of books on collecting.” Sounds like the Fan Club lounge… Remember that from CIV? Great for collectors, but I can’t help but wondering why no other areas of fandom ever get an official track, let alone a social area. (Do we have to – gulp – volunteer?)

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  1. I like it that Jaders are running one of the most awesome events of the con!

    And yeah. If you want a lounge, you have to get it together yourself, I imagine. The collectors have always seemed to be a bit more together about events than the other segments of fandom. All those organizational skills….

  2. the collectors do have a several celebration headstart in being organized enough to have a programming track (and now lounge). i wonder if part of that was some of the top collectors being so well connected to Steve.

    compared to the collecting tracks, i wonder how popular other niche tracks might be, costuming, EU, gaming, etc.

    the costume clubs could easily fill several tracks on specific costume things
    (imagine a workshop where if you signed up in advance, paid a materials fee, you could do a lot of work towards getting a pilot or trooper helmet up to spec or a Jedi costume or Imperial officer costume started, and have some 501st/RL guides to make sure you were on the track to proper membership submission)

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