Celebration VI: Shea Standefer’s Jaina Solo costumes

Those of us who were at the Del Rey panel at Celebration will certainly remember Shea Standefer‘s Jaina costume – she was one of the first up at the Q&A and quite popular with photographers afterwards. Well, she sent us in a couple of pictures of the two Jainas she wore, taken with the backdrops at the con. Check them out below the cut.

Above, “a last-minute endeavor” based on Frank-Joseph Frelier’s art for The Best Star-Pilots in the Galaxy.

Secondly, Jaina as a Rebel pilot. I hope you’re as awed as we were at the con!

Big thanks to Shea for sending in the pics: You can see prop details and watch her advice videos on her Facebook fan page.

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  1. I was at the panel Friday morning and she looked amazing, And needless to say was the most excited person In the room about the announcement!

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