Celebration VI: Details of the Clone Wars S5 debut

Well, it’s not new news, but it is apparently Reed’s ‘big news’ this week: The Clone Wars S5 premiere will be happening at Celebration Friday on the Digital Stage. It’s open to all CVI attendees (“on a first-come, first-seated basis”) and will be followed by a Q&A with Dave Filoni.

There will be a line! I’m so excited.

5 Replies to “Celebration VI: Details of the Clone Wars S5 debut”

  1. Sheesh. I wasn’t even expecting big, from that message earlier this week I was merely waiting for “multiple” announcements. All we got this week was what? The Bounty Hunt game and a rehash of news we got at SDCC?

  2. Big, BIG lines. But yeah. We knew it already.

    Since Mary’s working on the NINE FEET OF AWESOME (what we’ve taken to calling the schedule that prints out nine feet in length), I’m hoping that means announcements will actually get going, now.


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