Celebration VI adds sound, model guests, asks for Orlando tips

We’ve had a few editions to the Celebration VI guest list in these past few days: Repping for the sound team are Ben Burtt, Matthew Wood and David Acord, while Jon Berg and Lorne Peterson represent the model makers.

Reed is also looking for Orlando fan tips on Twitter. Somehow I doubt my suggestions of ‘stay inside’ and ‘curse Florida’ will make the final cut. Feel free to let loose with your Florida-centric snark: This is a safe space, my fellow Florida-haters!

5 Replies to “Celebration VI adds sound, model guests, asks for Orlando tips”

  1. I’m shocked they didn’t go for the obvious hashtag of #starwarscelebrationVIorlandofantipsaugust2012

    Who is their social media person so we can discuss Branding versus Good Social Media Policies.

    I’m still protesting and using #swcvi too!

  2. “Stay inside” is actually a good and logical tip for the summer. I will not, however, curse Florida. :P

    Another tip: bring a rowboat for impromptu summer rainstorms.

  3. Ah, a rowboat! That’s what I forgot last year! My poor travel umbrella was a wee bit overwhelmed by the rainstorm I got caught in.

  4. @eliz I thought the same thing. Why is that that the person in charge of a company’s social media is always the worst at coming up with hashtags? They either do something too long, like this example, or too common (“Be sure to tag your posts with the “#event” hashtag so we can follow all of your tweets!”)

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