Celebration Vegas? Reed asks Celebration VI attendees about other cities

If you attended Celebration VI, check your inbox: Reed has sent out a survey about the con! Most of it is fairly standard postgame stuff, but one thing that caught my eye was a list of city options which they ask you to rate. In addition to Orlando, they listed Las Vegas, Kansas City, Anaheim, Dallas, Cleveland and my beloved Indianapolis.

Now, the rumor mill has us back in Orlando in 2014, and I’m not inclined to disbelieve that at the moment, but that is an interesting spread of options. (Cleveland?!?) I have to wonder what Anaheim’s convention center is like, as that brings many of the same advantages (ahem, Disney-driven tourism trap) as Orlando, with better weather.


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  1. I would *LOVE* it to be back in Indy. Any place I have to fly means I won’t go to that Celebration.

    KC might not be bad. Vegas? Ugh, no.

  2. Indy is always my first choice. Best. Con. Town. Ever.

    In KC’s case, it’s very central. Cleveland… closer for the New Englanders? (But in that case, I’d think they’d look more Pittsburgh/Philly.) I’m not sure… But Cleveland is only about 3 hours away from me, so I can’t hate on it too much.

  3. Pittsburgh’s convention center is tiny compared to Orlando (or even the old Indy one). I would love for it to go back to Indy (then I could drive).

  4. Other than the freak snow the final day of CIII (and waiting in line out in the sub-zero temps), Indy was a great con town. With the renovations to the downtown area, it should be even better now.

    Sadly, I bet we’re going to get shuttled between one coast or the other, probably between Disney parks.

  5. I used to go to the Anaheim Convention Center for GenCon SoCal, back when that was a thing. I didn’t see the whole place, but I’m concerned it might be a bit cramped for a Celebration.

    Vegas or Anaheim are both driving distance for me, though, so I would not be disappointed to find out the next American Celebration was to be at either of those locations.

  6. Much as I hate Florida heat and humidity, it’s really convenient for me to go to Celebration in Orlando, and while I’ve only been to V and VI, I have to say I think they were run pretty well overall so I wouldn’t mind it being back in Orlando at all.

  7. Well, a lot of that is probably due to a) Reed and b) Having more than enough space. The space issue probably limits their choices when it comes to con centers, but as far we’ve heard LFL is happy with Reed, so they’ll probably stay even if the con itself moves.

    That said, we don’t know when Reed’s contract is up, though we’ve been assuming they have a multi-con one.

  8. I would love a mid-west or western venue. I was unable to attend Celebrations V & VI, because of the distance.

  9. Indy’s good. Better if I don’t have to fly. Time of year is critical – my wife and I are both teachers and VI was right smack at the beginning of the school year, leaving us to my major disappointment right out…

  10. Erik, were you on Reeds list such that you got the survey for people who didn’t attend? I did since I had gone to CV but not CVI. School starting was one of the reasons you could check for why you didn’t go. Sounds like they have heard from a lot of folks about that. Check my twitter feed (link above) if you want to see the survey question.

  11. I’ve been to the last 4 Celebrations and enjoyed all. Always looking to experience a new city but Vegas I think would be a bad idea too many distractions plus the overflow of passer bys could make Saturday a nightmare for the 4 Day pass attendees

  12. I got the survey for “didn’t attend” even though I did — as crew with Reed. I live in FL and was able to attend both V and VI. I’d love it to be back here for the convenience, but now that I’ve experienced it as crew, I’d be willing to travel since the ticket is an expense I wouldn’t have to worry about.

  13. I don´t live in US, so it iss better for me that the event stay in Orlando, because I can take the family and friends with me to travel, and we can see the parks in the city after the Celebration.

    It´s more interesting for international public, in my opinion.

  14. Indy was terrific and hope that it will be the chosen one. I traveled to Orlando twice, LA once and Indy and prefer Indy over all other selections. Cleveland = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  15. I’m with Gabriel (@15) above. Living near Boston, none of these location are particularly drivable for me, and I bring the kids, so I care very much about what else is in the area. Orlando during school recess, heat (and hurricanes this year) and all, remains the clear winner in this regard.

    I’ve never even been to Indy — what makes it such a great convention town?

  16. Ken: The convention center in Indianapolis is right in the middle of their downtown – hotels, tons of restaurants (both independents and chains at various price points) even a mall are within mere blocks. It is, by far, the most walkable con city I’ve ever been in. I live only about 5 hours away, but I actually flew there multiple times because I had no need for a car and (with parking) the cost came out about the same either way. And, yes, the convention center has been expanded since Celebration was there last. Remember the football stadium right up against the con center? It’s gone, and the new one is blocks away.

    I can see the appeal of Orlando for families, but quite frankly I have no interest in the theme parks in August (at least not after a con) and would like to be able to walk to more than a Denny’s and a Red Lobster. Honestly, if they stayed in Orlando, but moved the date to spring or fall, I could make my peace with it. Maybe. But I’d still prefer Indy, freak snows and all.

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