Celebration V video: James Arnold Taylor and Tom Kane

Amazing impressions from The Clone Wars ‘Behind the Microphone’ panel.

6 Replies to “Celebration V video: James Arnold Taylor and Tom Kane”

  1. I’d never really thought to approach impersonations like that. It’s kind of an interesting idea, taking steps from one to the other.

    I’m also not ashamed to admit that this video made me want to break into applause at the end, all sitting here at my computer and clapping like a first grader at the end of family movie night.

  2. While I’ve seen other voice actors move from one to another (I recall hearing the way to do a George H. W. Bush impersonation is “you take your John Wayne and you tighten up his ass”), I’ve never seen it done with as many voices, as quickly, or as impressively as here.

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