Celebration tips for those that need them

I wasn’t able to get around to updating our (somewhat antiquated) convention tips series, but over at StarWars.com, James has 8 tips for making the most out of Celebration Chicago. Bria has some last-minute cosplay tips, and Bryan’s got tips for the first-timers.

One thing I wish I could explain but barely understand myself is the panel lotteries… But I do know that the deadline to enter has been extended to Monday, April 8. If you don’t have your badge yet, you can use your email to enter it.

Meanwhile, James’ piece on photographing cosplayers still holds up as the best of our series. (They’re all over here, but be warned: A few were updated in 2015 and the general con stuff still holds true, but some of them are even older and some of the convention specifics no longer apply.)