Celebration tip: Be nice to the volunteers!

Today’s tip is a short one from Paula: “Remember that the vast majority of people staffing the rooms are volunteering. They don’t always know what’s going on, but will help as best they can if you ask nicely. So be nice.”

As someone who’s volunteered in the past… We do want to help you, but sometimes we can’t – when I was stationed on the dealer room floor at CV, I felt awful every time someone asked me where something was and I didn’t know! Alas, a side effect of volunteering is that sometimes you’re not quite familiar with anything outside of your immediate area, particularly for the first few days – I could direct people to the store, the bathrooms, the autograph hall, the artists, tattoo area and certain booths, but one of that day’s half-dozen Clone Wars panels? Forget it.

More related advice in the comments! Anyone who’s volunteered at a Celebration or any such con, feel free to chime in – on-topic!

2 Replies to “Celebration tip: Be nice to the volunteers!”

  1. Hey, that’s me!

    Having Celebration in the same location as last year helps a lot when volunteering again this year or just visiting. Always keep your map handy, make notes on it, places you like to eat, where the massage therapists are, where your favorite artist or tattooist is located, etc. Also there’s the app to help in guiding you.

    Feel free to ask the volunteers for help in whatever you need- that’s what we’re there for. Even if we can’t help directly, we can usually get you directed in the right path or know where to go get additional assistance.

    Additionally, when a volunteer asks you to make the line orderly or explains the session is closed and there is no standing room- please respect them. No volunteer wants to turn away a fan, but better to let you down easy than have the session shut down by the fire marshall. Yes, the fire marshalls and other officials do show up and will shut us down. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a great time and sometimes that means making the hard decisions.

    And sometimes, when you’re especially nice and cooperative, volunteers remember and if it’s in our power, we try to repay that respect in some manner, or at least I do!

  2. I would also add that those needing special accommodations in the rooms also be patient. Not every room has a designated area. And, sometimes, we get more folks needing accommodation than we have expected in the ones that have them. We will try to get you somewhere where you can be a part of things if you ask nicely.

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