Celebration plays coy on the Closing Ceremonies

StarWars.com is pimping out the Closing Ceremonies today, saying “there’s something really special planned.” You realize you can’t make us promises like that, right? Because we will way over-guess it, and even if it’s something we wanted anyway, end up cranky because it’s not as huge as what we expected.

So I’m just going to work on the assumption that it’s cake. Seems like the safest bet.

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  1. Honestly, things like this are part of why I’m skipping Celebration this year. Enough of the teasing. Just can’t bring myself to fork over the money to travel to a con when they won’t even tell us what is happening there, and when they do, it’s the exact same stuff that was on the agenda two years ago.

  2. Okay here’s first stop on the speculation train:

    1- CAKE! (I like this idea. It’s got legs.)
    2- Ensuring everyone stays through the end of the convention instead of spending Sunday at the parks.
    3- a George & Steve Retirement party (See Cake. ;) )
    4- Announcement of next Celebration.
    5- Another release of another edition of the classic trilogy!

  3. Ensuring everyone stays through the end of the convention instead of spending Sunday at the parks.

    Isn’t that what the glacial A/C is for?

    #4 seems like a safe bet. Putting any other kind of big announcement in the closing ceremonies make it seem like something you don’t really want anyone actually knowing, no matter how much you indirectly hype it.

  4. i like stooge’s guess, though i would think that they would get the most buzz for that by running it all weekend. my guess is that it would need to be something that is cool for the con attendees but not a major announcement.

    A; live performance of the ewok yub nub song.
    B: live TCW cast reading of wacky funny script parodying TCW and SW.
    C: cake.
    D: free bonus collectible to every attendee.
    E: chris hardwick runs his after-con talk show, Star Wars Celebrated.

  5. James- brilliant- Hardwick for the win. Esp since it is only an hour slot.

    Too bad Jay isn’t scheduled- a singalong with him would be great!

    And cake for dessert- with bonus collectable plastic rings from Hallmark’s birthday party supply line.

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