Celebration Anaheim ticket prices released

Celebration VII Reed has updated with the prices for the Celebration tickets that go on sale Wednesday. A 4-Day adult pass is $140 and the rest of the regular prices seem in line with what they were charging for Celebration VI. The VIP prices have both gone up $50, though – Jedi Master is $900 while the Knight package is $450.

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  1. That Jedi Master package sounds intriguing: Exclusive reserved seating at the Digital Stage. What for, I wonder. The season 1 finale of Rebels? Episode VI 3D in preparation of Episode VII? The pilot for ABC’s alleged live-action show? The first 15 minutes of Episode VII? The world premiere of a second Clone Wars movie? A first teaser for the first spin-off movie?
    Yes, I do love the speculation part. ;-)

  2. I know that, Dunc, but I do find it curious that you must be a Jedi Master to get into the Digital Stage, whereas even mere Jedi Knights get a seat at the Celebration Stage. Sure, the latter will probably be bigger and all, so it could just be about limited seats, but on the other hand it seems to be one of the biggest advantages Jedi Masters will have.
    Hence my initial comment on the potential wonders of the Digital Stage. ;-)

    1. Probably just means they had less Knights show up to these things last time. And they’re bound to see mostly repeat customers so they’re fairly easy to predict.

      When they first started having the special badges, they had reserved seating in every room… And not that many folks used it. Next time, it was gone. Use it or lose it, Knights.

      It’s WAY too early to try and read anything into it. LFL themselves doesn’t even know yet what they’ll be showing.

  3. I wonder just how limited the total number of passes is, what with the smaller venue. Could there conceivably be a quick sellout? At any rate, I’m not gonna chance it. Setting my alarm clock now…

    1. We’ve never had a Celebration with more than 35,000 attendees. (I believe 32K is actually the top number.) Anaheim’s max capacity is 50K.

      I wouldn’t worry that much.

  4. This is going to be a month before the new movie comes out. I expect it to be the most crowded of them all to date. I think anticipation will be at an all time high.

    1. I fully expect they’ll either make or beat the previous highs, but I think expecting anything over, let’s say, 35/40K is pushing it.

      And they are DEFINITELY not going to sell that many a year and a half in advance.

  5. Well, both levels of VIP tickets were sold out within the first 5 minutes of ticket sales. I wasn’t fast enough to get one even with being ready to go on the site at 1o a.m.

    1. If they did anything like last time, the previous VIPs have first crack at them. So unless you’re already in the club, there aren’t many left once they go out to the general public.

  6. They might want to add a “Padawan” ticket. Or a string of on-top features, i.e. a “Don’t wait for autographs” badge or a “Don’t spend 25 hours in line” extra. I don’t need a VIP lounge or a concierge or anything but the whole waiting part isn’t necessarily my idea of a good time at a convention.
    Plus: The less time you need to wait, the more time you have to shop, so it’s a win-win for Reed/Lucasfilm.

    1. I’d pay $250 just for a ‘don’t have to wait in line to get in or for panels’ pass. I don’t care about autographs or any of the rest.

  7. And we’re a couple of days later, and a black market for VIP tickets has formed over on the big message boards. “Will pay any prize for a Jedi Master ticket.” Welcome back to the prohibition era… #EpicFail

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