Celebration 6 news coming soon?!?

“In the next 8 weeks,” Reed’s Lance Fensterman says, we may be getting the “when and where” of the next Celebration. Best part? The host city will be “a real surprise.” Does that mean… Not Orlando? PRAISE GEORGE.

Alas, that DOES mean, if nothing else, that we’re up for at least eight weeks of teeth-grating location speculation. Oh, joy.

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  1. and announcing it this year definitely makes it possible for early 2012 to fit with the 3d release… or even later this year? would they really hit us with back-to-back Celebration years? or is C6 really going to be C-overseas (like Europe and Japan). Reed Expo has a Singapore office, so Singapore or Australia could be contenders…

    but calling it Celebration 6 would fit with the “US gets numbered celebration” scheme…

  2. Reed has offices in 32 countries around the world, and any country with a Reed office has the license to host a Celebration.
    So it would only really be a surprise if they announced Celebration Antarctica…

  3. Already? Wow. My wild guess is that it’ll be overseas and Reed just hasn’t figured out yet that it means it’s Celebration Your Country Here, not C6.

  4. The Force tells me the host city being a “surprise” is just a coy play on words and we’ll all be back in Orlando for C6. But we shall see of course.

  5. I’m hoping C6 isn’t scheduled for 2012. I already have tentative plans for a big trip that year (can’t afford to do both, don’t want to have to choose), and besides, I’m a fan of the 30th anniversary angle.

  6. Nancy – agreed, makes sense to have in 2013 for Jedi 30th, but with 3D starting next year I guess it’s a chance to perhaps step up the regularity of the events…which runs the risk of diluting the magic of the event as well.

  7. switching it from 3 years to 2 years doesn’t really ruin the magic for me… it just makes me spend more money going to celebrations!

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