The Soundtracks Strike Back

If you didn’t get the original soundtracks, or the nice box set, or the soundtracks for the special editions, or even if you did, here’s your chance to get them yet again!

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‘Star Wars’ soundtracks will fly again

Sept. 21 is already a day of galactic importance for Star Wars fans, as it marks the arrival of The Star Wars Trilogy DVD box set (Fox, $80). Now there’s another wave of new Star Wars discs landing that day: the re-released soundtracks of the three initially issued films in George Lucas’ saga

A voice no one can refuse

Kids won’t go to bed when you tell them? Spouse refuses to put his or her dirty socks in the hamper? Boss won’t pony up with that pay rise you’ve more than earned? Starbucks barista too slow?

Worry no more! With the soon-to-be released Darth Vader voice modulator you’ll have those annoying humans around you jumping to your command in no time.

Get my mocha or die!