A voice no one can refuse

Kids won’t go to bed when you tell them? Spouse refuses to put his or her dirty socks in the hamper? Boss won’t pony up with that pay rise you’ve more than earned? Starbucks barista too slow?

Worry no more! With the soon-to-be released Darth Vader voice modulator you’ll have those annoying humans around you jumping to your command in no time.

Get my mocha or die!

3 Replies to “A voice no one can refuse”

  1. When I read this, what ran through my mind was the millions of Darth Vader costumers who’ll be taking it all apart so they can have the voice modulator.

    This is assuming, of course, that it really does a good job of it.

    Endless hours of fun!

  2. Why can’t this be out by GenCon??

    I’m looking forward to hearing the evil Vader voice say “Yippee!” and “Are you an angel?”

  3. We should have a full recreation of Anakin’s scenes from EpI using the Vader voice modulator. It would be quite amusing.

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