Ahhh, victory

I won! Second place in the sci-fi category of the GenCon costume contest, that is. Lost out to Iron Man with a night-light in the middle of his chest. Jennifer, Heather Lynn, et al would have been on hand to witness my victory except the “talent” entries drove them screaming from the room.

Now have lovely orange ribbon (not ugly trophy, ha ha to the “lucky” first place winners). Go me!

Ooooh. Yav just came by to give me pretties. King Arthur postcard! I have TWO swords!

(Hey baby baby, you so FINE baby! Can I borrow a cup of sex?)

Bounty for RIF

Club Jade is pleased to announce that it will be donating $912 to Reading is Fundamental.

The 4th Annual Club Jade Charity Auction was held tonight on the filk night of JadeCon. Over 80 items were donated by Club Jade and its friends. Most of the items were sold by teacup auction. Four of those items were sold via live auction, with Mary and Lisa fighting it out to win Susan’s “Where’s the Emperor?” book. (We knew that’d get them.)

Many thanks to those at the con and those who sent in items who couldn’t attend. There will be a lot of books purchased, as a result!

The Filks Write Themselves

Sitting here blogging a once again riotously fun filk night with the Jaders. Isn’t Lucas happy that this isn’t our primary occupation? The montage of filks started off with interactive books for the Padawan Toddler. Then it moved on to host filks by Tom (he almost made me cry with a kinda lament for Padme), Trina (the Slash Writes Itself), Rach (and all things associated with the letter “J”), Lisa and the fantastic filk (Jedi don’t but Sith Do), Tim (ABC’s Lucasfilm song), Associated Drunks (a dedication to Mary Franklin the Bartender, “The Worst Hangover Ever”), Darksiders (“I’m on Fire), HollywdLiz (Who Can Ask for Anything More), Kelly (“900 Years” – Yoda)and Amy (the Haiku of the Evil Bears).

Evil Bears?

There’s a rumor going around that at a recent convention, someone mentioned that LFL sent out a memo to its licensees to explain that Anakin’s slaughter of the Sand People wasn’t so reprehensible because they weren’t sentient, but were in fact like animals–evil bears, in fact.

So, we’ve been having plenty of fun with the idea. :) Evil Bear Death Squad, anyone?

…but Sith Do

Susan has just enthralled us with her latest book for Ben Skywalker – Where’s the Emperor? It’s interactive. Yet… hilarious!

Words can not describe. So we taunt. :D

Lisa finished up a filk called “Jedi Don’t” while I was typing this. And now Rach is playing Big Bird!

MUST get filks up on site!

The Sith RULE

I am the Bounty Hunt Winner. I rock. I rule. I have killed all who opposed me…sometimes more than once. Now, if I could only figure out how I’m going to be here next year to fulfill my duty as Hunt Commissioner….hmm…..

Not the breasts you’re looking for

Best post this while I’m still sober.

This morning was seminars… I only showed up for my own. Sorry. Then we headed over for the Episode III presentation with Mary… a last minute replacement for Steve Sansweet, VERY good. No revelations if you paid attention to all the Comic Con press and/or a Hyperspace member, but very much worth seeing. And Mary ROCKED.

Afterwards we spoiler sluts headed the the con suite to discuss spoilers and speculation. DIE PADME DIE. It was very civil. Really!

Now we’re hanging out on Dagobah, awaiting the closing ceremonies of the Galactic Games. It’s kinda dark… Stupid sexy mood lighting.

And they begin.


So last night I set up a 9 a.m. wakeup call for today. This morning the phone rings, my roomates (fellow Darkside Padawans) groan, and I stumble to the shower. I’m thinking, “I wish I were dead. Why am I so tired? Maybe I don’t want to learn how to infuse liquor this morning…” But I got in the shower. I did my hair and went back into the room to grab my makeup bag — and looked at the clock.


Some bitch ordered a 7 a.m. wakeup call and LET ME TAKE IT.

Someone will DIE!


Okay, my first JadeCon blog…and it’s mostly about what it takes to get me off a comfortable seat at JadeCon. James is only alive because Deet and I lacked the motivation to get up and cross the room to strike him down. But GA Sean promises a video involving Winnie the Pooh music and Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I can summon the energy. This is a sad commentary.

But hey, I’m a Luser. I can be proud of that.