Cartoon Network launches new The Clone Wars site

The Clone Wars mini-site @ Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has expanded their Clone Wars mini-site. It’s still sparsely populated, but there are character bios (including a new one for Grievous that’s been mildly controversial) and a new commercial/bumper spot. And most important of all, the button to turn off the music actually works!

Also, TFN has some good news for fans in Canada: The series will premiere on the Space Channel on October 10th, at 4pm.

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  1. The controversy I’m assuming has something to do with the fact that that is nothing close to Grevious’ actual bio. He didn’t hate the Jedi or equip himself with cybernetic limbs.

    As per Wookiepedia “He was later transformed into a cyborg after a shuttle crash, becoming a fusion of a Krath war droid’s robotic structure and his own organic brain, nervous system, and sensory organs.”

    Talk about a retcon!

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